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mobile_phones's Journal

Mobile Phones
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Still try to work that old brick properly? Found a ringtone you just have to share? Is that vanity cover with Spiderman on it still alluding you? Ever wanted to know how to get the most of your mobile? Have you got some advice to share? Well, come on down!

This is a community for all mobile phone users, from novice to expert, regardless of make, model, age, provider, etc. Feel free to share stories, pictures, ask questions or advice, review a product or service, or even sell your phone!

All I ask is a few simple things in return...

  1. Please put all pictures behind an lj-cut, unless they are smaller than 200 x 400 pixels, in which case one may be posted without an lj-cut. If you have posted the wrong quantity or size of pictures, there will be one warning, then deletion after 24 hours.

  2. Don't spam with test results, community promotion, personal posts or anything similarly off-topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted instantly, no exceptions!

  3. In any post, please provide us with the make and model of the phone you are referring to, and if necessary, your service provider. Try to make your queries as clear as possible and provide links where appropriate.

  4. If you are selling your phone or phone equipment, please place the ad behind a clearly labelled lj-cut. Always make sure you state the price you are charging, as many details as possible about the product, and tell everybody where you're willing to send it, and what payment methods you accept.

  5. If you have any complaints or suggestions, email [avalon_bliss@livejournal.com] with the name of the community in the subject line.

A few websites that may also be of use to you:

Manufacturers -
Sony Ericsson

Service providers -
Virgin Mobile
Cingular (US)

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